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external image india.gif
Land that is big, but not as big as a continent.
India is a subcontinent, it is a big country.
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A strong wind that brings a lot of rain to Southern Asia in the summer.
A monsoon gives Southern Asia very fertile soil.
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A flat area of land that is raised above land around it.
A big plateau is located in the center of India.
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A huge piece of ice that moves on a land area.
A long time ago glaciers formed the United States.
external image aum-hinduism.gif
India's first big religion.
Over time, Hinduism spread to Korea, Japan, and China.
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One basic belief of Hinduism that stands for law, and duty.
The Hindus' belief in Dharma as something you had to do as a good person.
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In Hinduism, supreme power, or divine force, that anything is a part of.
Brahman is like a god.
external image Peaceful_guhyagarbha.JPG
Figures that represent different qualities of Brahman.
The Hindu worship many different forms of Brahman which are dieties.
external image karma-1.jpg?w=300&h=221
The belief of how a person lives affects the life after death.
Sometimes when people do something bad people say "watch out for karma!"
external image 11.jpg
The belief of a cycle that starts with birth, death, and rebirth.
Samsara reminds me of the Circle of Life.
external image vedas+1.gif
Sacred Hindu writings.
Vedas are like the Bible.
external image sanskrit(1).jpg
The ancient language of India.
Using Sanskrit was how they communitcated. Like us when we speak English.
Brahman (ism)
external image Holy+cow+02+(AP).jpg
In the ancient Indian relgion when Brahmans (priests or scholars) are high in class.
Brahmans are very high in the social structre, they are religious people.
external image Pyramid_of_Caste_system_in_India.png
A class in Hindu society.
Their caste system is similar to the ancient Egypt system.
external image samsara2.jpg
A belief that when a person dies their soul will come back in another body.
I always thought that when you died you would become another person.
external image mecca_13.jpg
A journey to a very holy place.
Muslims go on a pilgrimage to Mecca once in their life.
external image misunderstandingbuddhism.jpg?w=630
A religion started by Prince Siddhartha, or the Budda.
Buddhism is a very religious religon. It soon spread to different parts of Asia.
external image buddha_sarnath-31.jpg
Prince Siddhartha who lived from 563 to 483 B.C.E. who begun Buddhism.
Prince Siddhartha became the Budda when he saw 3 forms of suffering.
Prince Siddhartha
external image buddha.jpg
A man who lived in a palace and then became a Budda.
He ruled India for a long time until he saw 3 forms of suffering.
external image 200px-Yogidoingyoga.jpg
A person who gives up all desires so they wouldn't suffer.
The Budda started off as an ascetic then became the Budda.
external image a_chinese_brown-glazed_alms_bowl_song_ming_dynasty_d5389489h.jpg
Goods that are given to the poor.
Beggars always ask for alms.
external image Sun%20light.jpg
When you meditate for a while, then you see a vision. After you become enlighted.
Prince Siddhartha was enlighted before he became a Budda.
external image 00222721.jpg
A state of happiness and peace.
My Nirvana is a private vacation in the Carribean.
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To combine to make a whole.
After the civil war, the South and North unified.
Mauryan Empire
external image Ashoka2.jpg
An empire that had power from 377 to 187 B.C.E.
The empire was very powerful and conqered many places. King Ashoka lead the empire.
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A command that is obyeyed.
The edicts are like the 10 Commandments.