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A big landmass like India that is a big size bit smaller than a continent
India is a Subcontinent



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Indias first good religion
HInduism is a popular religion
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stands for law, obligation, and duty
My family reminds me of Dharma
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Hinduism one of the supream power
Brahman is like God
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Things that represent qualities of Brahman
The Hindu worship many different forms of Brahman which are dieties
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The belief of how a person lives affects the life after death.
People say bad karma is bad because some people say you have rebirth.
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Birth, death, and rebirth again
I belive that if you are a good person that you will get reicarnated.
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special Hindu writings.
Vedas are like the Bibles for them.
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The anicent language in india.
Indians used Sanskrit to communicate.
Brahman (ism)
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In ancient India the Brahmans are high class.
Brahmans are very high in the social structure
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A class in Hinduism.
I dont think the a caste system is very fair and nice.
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The belief of one anothers soul will die and get reborn.
If i get reincarnated i would like to be a bat.
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A journey to a special and holy place.
Muslims go on a pilgrimage to mecca.
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A religion started by the buddha.
the religion of buddhism is a calming religion.
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Prince saddartha is the buddha from when he saw 3 forms of suffering.
the buddha has found peace and saw the 3 forms of suffering, death, illness, and old age.
Prince Siddhartha
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The wealthy prince who became the Buddha.
Prince Saddartha became the buddha when he saw 3 types of suffering
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A person who gives up all things to be happy
A buddha trys to reach the stage of ascetic and be fully happy.
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a bowl that is usually carried by buddhas and are usually givin to the poor.
the less fortunet usually ask for alms.
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When you meditate you begin to feel enlightenment.
everyone wants to feel enlightenment.
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When you feel happiness and peace.
When i will feel nirvana is when i will be in Italy with family.
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to combine and get a whole

Mauryan Empire
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A empire that had power.
The empire was very powerful.
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A comand that you will follow.
A edict are like the school rules